Artificial Intelligence

Phacil, Veritone, Darklight & have come together to make Artificial Intelligence (AI) work for you. Unlock the power of cognitive computing with the world’s first operating system for AI, transforming and analyzing audio, video, and other data sources in an automated manner to generate actionable insights.

The Phacil/Veritone/Darklight Relationship

  • Process & Extract Crucial Information
  • Searchpetabytes of Media in Real Time
  • Automate Indexing of Historical & Current Content
  • Collaborate with Private Shared Libraries
  • Deploy a Flexible Solution

Phacil Technical Expertise

Our Veritone services include support of a comprehensive, tailored solution.

  • Application Development & Management
  • AI Engineering
  • Professional Services

Our core tenets include provenance of the data, the context in its use, and integrity of systems and data security. Veritone delivers an extensible platform for organizations to solve real-world challenges and discover insights with ease, speed and accuracy. Darklight is an AI expert system for active cyber defense and trusted information sharing.

Veritone Video Release

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