Cloud & Managed Services


Federal agencies rely on critical, demanding applications to serve the public. High availability, security, and performance at lower costs is driving many towards the ever-growing benefits that cloud computing can offer.

Phacil has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure to host government applications and infrastructure. We offer our clients high availability, security and performance in a cost-effective model that eliminates and reduces the high overhead and capital expense that often comes with on-premise infrastructure.

We bring effective management and resource oversight, balanced allocation (appropriate load balancing), and performance improvement – and our customers’ peace of mind. In addition, Phacil's cloud management experts ensure your network and applications are more secure and always available. We monitor and manage those critical services so that your internal resources can devote time and energy to the things that matter most to your organization.


Cloud Services

Five Pillars of Cloud Experience

Phacil has access to a multitude of cloud providers and platforms, ensuring that the right solution is deployed for your needs. This decision is based on an in-depth analysis of your business needs and careful selection of a provider to meet those objectives and ensure your project is completed successfully.




Cloud Management & Monitoring: Phacil manages the software and technologies designed for operating and monitoring applications, data, and services residing in the cloud. Cloud management tools help ensure cloud computing-based resources are working optimally and properly interacting with users and other services. Our cloud management strategies typically involve numerous tasks including performance monitoring (e.g. response times, latency, uptime, etc.), security, compliance auditing and management, and initiating and overseeing disaster recovery and contingency plans.


Application Rationalization: reshuffling an application portfolio as part of an application strategy – a plan that implements changes to applications to achieve business outcomes. We lead and manage all of it: the Cloud pre-work, getting an application ready for migration, through complete migration and testing (Pillars 3 and 4). As a result, our customers receive an easier, more secure migration with less risk.


Application & Infrastructure Migration: we bring award winning experts in managing complex, enterprise-scale migrations. Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications or other business elements from an organization's onsite computers to the cloud. Our Cloud experts are important as you move to implementing your solution in the cloud and it is critical to consider the big picture before finalizing the technical details. Among these details are special considerations for privacy, interoperability, data and application portability, data integrity, business continuity, and security.


Development, Quality Assurance (QA), and Testing: IT and development teams are being asked to deliver higher quality software more frequently, and to be more agile and responsive to business needs. For development and testing, the well-known challenge is that on-premises infrastructure has a fixed capacity, while, in today’s reality, those resources must support variable demand. Moving the dev/test environment to the cloud also delivers more agility. Virtualized infrastructure provides dev/test teams with powerful tools and testing flexibility to clone entire application stacks with minimal configuration and complete testing faster at a much lower cost.


Certified & Experienced Staff: Phacil invests in our greatest resource, our employee-owners, bringing AWS, Microsoft, and Microsoft Azure-certified Engineers and a team of Cybersecurity Experts. Our staff are continually learning and discussing the latest trends and capabilities to add value and reduce downtime for our customers.


Managed Services

At Phacil, our IT Managed Services start with the end-user customer experience (CX). Phacil’s mission-tailored Managed Services deliver performance-based solutions for our customers, from networked services to knowledge and data management to technology adoption and migration. From the first interaction with the Service Desk to perpetual capabilities such as high-availability networking & storage access on a user’s device, we proactively enable a positive IT business environment. Our philosophy produces end-user satisfaction, availability anywhere, and operational confidence while promoting optimized technology capabilities.

There are a staggering amount of technologies in the market. To harness the most advantageous solution suite we couple a highly customizable catalog of services, driven by quantitative performance and management best practices, with our CX strategies. This better aligns technology services to your agency’s mission and business needs. Results include:

  • Strategies for our customers such as providing a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) solution for managing communications between their user base and their services drive greater customer satisfaction in getting a resolution to a problem.
  • We leverage our ITIL v3 and CMMI for Services best practices to define processes and enable service improvement. Our approach enhances the effective speed in resolution of Incidents, Events, Problems, and Requests across Tiers 0-3 Service Desk operations.
  • Enterprise services encompass full service life cycle management including for Service Desk, NOC and Unified Communications, desktop services, and infrastructure computing technologies. Our service offering is adaptable to your capability needs for a consolidated solution that delivers a cost-effective IT environment.

Consider us the IT CXaaS managed services team: customer experience as a service. Our tailored solutions are comprehensive, flexible, and low-risk for your mission support needs.


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Delivering Excellence In Cloud Computing & Managed Services:

Phacil’s breadth and depth of experience across cloud services has resulted in improved infrastructures at reduced costs:

Missile Defense Agency
Phacil managed the development and sustainment of MDA’s global web portals, Classified MDA Knowledge Online (CMKO) and the Unclassified MDA Knowledge Online (UMKO). We stood up a new Microsoft SharePoint‐based MDA environment and migrated within 12 months the organization structure and content from the old Oracle portal. This migration exceeded industry standard of 18 months, saved MDA over $5M in labor costs and reduced the portal overhead by 20%. MDA’s CIO stated Phacil’s migrations “set the Gold Standard.” Regarding the CMKO migration, he upped the ante, saying Phacil had “set the Platinum Standard.” In recognition of our success, Phacil won the MDA’s Award for Technical Excellence.

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
We decomposed 682 business requirements into 4,800 system requirements and developed 1.725M lines of code in 36 weeks. The entire project was designed, developed, and tested using AWS. The 5,000 test cases that were executed involved 10,500 pages of documentation.

National Science Foundation (NSF)
Phacil provides O&M for NSF’s data center, network, and enterprise services, as well as support for a Hot/Cold Disaster Recovery site. We maintain all infrastructure in support of the 300,000 end‐users of NSF’s externally facing grants management systems. Phacil reduced the data center rack footprint by 50% starting in 2013 and has virtualized more than 70% of the total servers in the environment. Our experienced staff also redesigned the core network infrastructure, modernizing the backbone from 1GB/s to 10GB/s.

U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM)
We upgraded the Surface Deployment Distribution Command (SDDC)’s 30 aging servers with new servers in a virtualized environment, saving our customer money in support of a critical global network. This included upgrading all servers and network equipment at the alternate site ensuring the SDDC’s mission readiness.


Cloud & Managed Services

Specific Cloud Services We Offer:

  • Partner Services:
    • Microsoft Azure Cloud Reseller
    • Amazon Public Sector Cloud Resellers
  • Migration Services:
    • Application rationalization
    • Migration to the cloud expertise in all strategies including:
      • IaaS
      • PaaS
      • SaaS
      • Lift and Shift Legacy Applications/Architectures
  • System Engineering, Integration & Operations:
    • Cloud management
    • Cloud monitoring
    • Infrastructure management
    • Application management
  • DevOps:
    • Software Development
    • Quality Assurance
    • Testing
  • Cybersecurity


Specific Managed Services We Offer:

  • Service Life Cycle Management
  • 24×7 Contact/Call Center
  • ITIL Based Service Delivery Methodology
  • Tier 0, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 Support Services
  • SLA Delivery & Management
  • ACD/IVR Operations & Maintenance
  • Seat Management
  • Asset Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Service Documentation, Policies & Procedures
  • Service Quality/Customer Satisfaction Management
  • Change Management
  • Ticketing Systems Support and Maintenance
  • Server/Desktop Update Services
  • System/Server Administration
  • Systems & Security Monitoring
  • Exchange Email Support & Maintenance
  • Mobile Communication Support Services
  • Active Directory Architecture & Operations
  • Network & Security Operations Services
  • Telework/Virtual Desktop Support
  • COOP/Disaster Recovery Services
  • IT Training Services


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